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the station that works for you. now, abc2 news at 11:00. >> filling up the gas tank, getting some extra groceries for the weekend. >> they're stocking up in new england. should you be doing it too? . >> she was just the best. . >> the mother of a woman murdered in baltimore county says the killing could have been prevented. it's an interview you'll only see here. and thiscan happen in your backyard, only on two #shgs the science behind this fire and how a baltimore county is still crying to recover. >> some are calling it a once in a lifetime storm for new england. when it could hit could mess up your friday. chief meteorologist wyatt everhart starts us off. >> i think it's mostly quiet
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for maryland tonight. two keytime frames of concern tonight into early tomorrow morning and then tomorrow night and two key storms on the board. one is the low pressure area over new england and our secondary, our main focus is this coastal system coming from texas moving up the gulf coast now a tremendous amount f o' moisture as this system moves into maryland. it will bring rain. you can see a few showers creeping into southern maryland. temperatures just a few degrees above freezing. we could see sleet and snow mixed in with with the rain in the morning. we'll call them mixed showers to start your day in the morning. then we're going to rain through the middle part of the day. then past 4:00, windy, rainy conditions turning back to snow particularly for areas to the north and northeast of brm.
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cecil through harford could get a decent amount of snow. >> so maybe you don't have to stock up on the shovels and snow blowers but the weather is going to have an impact on us. especially if you have travel mrans. amtrak is suspending service starting tomorrow mon r morning and airports a-across the country are planning for problems and nearly three thousand flights have already been cancelled. >> u.s. air sent me an e-mail yesterday for a friday flight, two days in advance here at home, road crews are on stand by. get school closings and delace on and in the morning. . >> only on two tonight, we're hearing from the mother of a woman who was stabbed to death in front of two children this
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week. christian schaefer is here now. >> the victim's mother and baltimore county police agree that they knew the man who has now been charged in connection with that murder was a threat. they don't agree on whether everything possible was done to stop it. >> members of kate had l's family say she and her daughter were inseparable. >> she was a good mom. >> in december, this man was released from prison after serving time for robbery, jeffrey shiflet. he sentthreatening letters to katie from prison. >> he had been threatening her for a long time including threatening others like judges, and the police. >> the police knew shif let was a threat to katie and they say he continually violated his parole by making threats but he had no fixed address so they
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tried to protect had l. the safety plan included her staying at her mother's house can which would be visited several times a day by police officerings but on tuesday, katie did not follow the plan. >> we thought she would return to her home in the pikesville precinct where the suspect knew she lived. >> and that's where she was killed but her mother says she did tell police she would spend time at her apartment on tuesday. >> she knew she was going to be there. we asked them thursday for a safety plan flt we stat there for one hour with them for a safety plan. we've beenasking for five years and we never got it. >> jeffrey shiflet was arrested yesterday in the woods behind katie's mother's home. policewould not sec late on why he went there. robin says she wlooefs her daughter's murder could have been prevented but the system
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failed her. >> she was a beautiful person inside and out and just the best mom ever. >> jeffrey shiflet is now charged with first degree murder in connection with that crime and is being held without bond. the family has started a fund for katie had l's daughter. wehave information on our website at christianschaefer, abc2 news. >> the search resumes tomorrow for the body of a two year old girl believed to be killed by her mother. the annapolispolice believe cassidy's body may be in this train station. her mother says she layed on top of her until she was dead and then put her in a dumpster. >> the contents that dump ester were headed out of state. . >> i spoke to her, i was like
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hi chelsea and she didn't speak to me so i guess that was on her mind at the time but she changed after a certain period of time. >> booth has been charged with first and second degree murder. . >> also tomorrow a judge is expected to decide if robert gladden jr. is going to be charged as an adult. he ischarged with shooting a fellow student on the first day of school. his attorney says he was bullied. >> new tonight, the search is on for a man who exposed himself in glen burnie. a woman called the police yesterday and told them she was walking to a bus stop when a man pulled up and got out of a car. he walkedover, exposed himself and committed what police are calling a lewd act. if you have information call an anne arundel police. >> and catherine faces rape charges for having a ten-month
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sexual relationship with a 14- year old boy. police say the boy she was involved with is friends with her son. one ofthe boy's relatives told police. . >> a teen leaving the ravens superbowl celebration was stabbed to death and now police are using surveillance camera photos to catch his killer. this picture shows a pair of men on the street and then the murder took place. smith'sfamily is keeping quiet on the investigation. >> i don't want to say anything or have the family do anything to jeopardize an on going investigation. >> police believe smith knew his killer but they have not determined exactly what led to that stabbing. > . >> a house alert tonight out of a local college, an under grad out of loyola has
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bacterial meningitis. bacterialmeningitis is spread through close contact so roommates and others close to the student are being offered antibiotics. thesymptoms include a high fever, nausea, vomiting, a severe headache, neck stiffness and a rash. you should call the doctor if you have these symptoms. . >> they're having a different kind of scare at a school in indiana. a school food worker tested positive for typhoid poisoning. >> the hunt for an accused cop killer will go door to door and throughout the night. police incalifornia are bringing dogs in to help hunt christopher dorner. his burnd out vehicle was found today. the former police officer is
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accused of gunning down police officers and their families. now, his colleagues are searching for a man they trained with only a burned out truck and some footprints to go on. >> i can't tell you whether he's here or not because i don't know at this point abut we're assuming he's still in the area because we're continuing to look. until we find other information we'll continue our search. >> dorner was also a member of the navy and was a pistol expert and a marksman. . >> you can get breaking news updates 24 hours a day on our website at . >> we have they developments in a story we told you about last night. a young special needs student had her shoes dublth v duct taped to her feet at school. now the school is responding. the parents still don't know why it happened but the school says it's investigating.
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>> we certainly feel their pain. we want them to know and twhant -- want the community to know we don't approve of this. this is not any kind of standard we want set in our district. >> all of the employees in the classroom that day have been placed on administrative leave. . >> if there are any missiles headed toward harford county, the military will be able to detect them. the army is bringing in two giant blimps for surveillance. they use radar to look for incoming missiles drones and rockets. themilitary has been testing the blimps in utah and mexico for several years. >> coming up in just one short minute, the abc2 news investigation you cannot miss. we're going to introduce you to a family whose life was changed
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forever by a new kind of fire danger. weather wise we continue to track both areas of disturbed weather heading our way. it's going to be big when they comes together tomorrow. . >> and a lucky shot for a local child, what this basket won him and his school when abc2 news is back in 60 short seconds.
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. >> chances are you've never heard of or seen the phenomenon we're about to show you. justhow the right circumstances, a simple gas can can can act as a blow torch. bryan kuebler tells us one baltimore county family's story and picks apart the science to explain what experts say is a dangerous mix of fire and physics. >> on a cold december night in 2011 this is the last thing aub
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ree clark saw awe bree clark saw. aubrey clark saw awe bree clark saw. . >> before that we all backed up and it hit me. >> it all went dark after that she says. a simple backyard fire pit in rosedale last winter would alter the teen's life. at the wrong place at the wrong time even as she stood back from the fire as another girl poured gas on the fire pit. >> her mother still remembers the night. >> it started to click when they said bay view and that is a burn unit. >> the clarks were told that night that aubrey would lose her eyes and lips and ears. >> 30% of her body burned
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putting her family in crisis mode. >> i remember saying to the doctor, let me see your hands and he said why do you want to see my hands and i looked at them and i said they look like good hands to me. so i put my trust in those doctors. >> after 19 surgeries, skin grafting and intention physical therapy, aubrey is on her way back to her life. . >> a year of our life is gone and it will continue probably for another year or two, and i don't want to ever go through this again and i don't want another family to go through this. >> so aubrey's family needed to find out how this happened.
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hermother employed by the atf, her father a firefighter. neitherunderstood how the gas can can turned into a blow torch. itdidn't simply explode, it turned intie deadly weapon spewing fire several feet hitting the teen as she was backing away. >> we had no data on it, no information so we recreated the event. >> adam st. john is with the atf. two years ago, they were asked to investigate this blow torch phenomenon as part of a criminal case in michigan. itfound that it not only can happen but does. >> we recreated the science behind it. we document it using high speed cameras and look at it from an engineering and science basis to understand what's happening. with noinformation out there, we had to do the test ourselves.
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>> this is the camera footage of a test. with with the the cap off and just the right amount of fuel in the can, you can see the flames follow the fumes and then violently come bust spewing flame up to 13 feet . >> a test adam recreated for the clark's in the atf laboratory so they could see what happened that night. preliminarily they are calling this fe nonnonflame jetting and while it is too new to track or keep findings on, they say the findings are making sense all around the country. >> we've been presenting this because nobody knows about it across the country. the more we do it, the more people step up and say this happened in our jurisdiction. >> seeing it is believing it
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for me. i mean i believed what aubrey said but it's unbelievable. she said she backed up and she showed us how far she was and for me, it's hard to picture that, a fire shooting that far. >> until they actually saw it recreated. the flame jet is such a new event the u.s. product safety commission is just beginning to look into this danger, one the clark family knows all too well is very reel. a phenomenon, they hope their story convinces others can and does happen. >> if we can save one life or prevent this from happening to another family, it changes your whole world. not only the survivor, she's burned but the whole family is burned as well. >> bryan kuebler, abc2 news. >> aubrey is making a strong
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recovery. she's going back to college and has been speaking on fire safety at various events. >> now for continuing coverage of this story you can follow brian on twitter. search forhim at bryan from abc2 news. also, don't forget . >> and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> i'm going start off making sure you know about our abc2 news weather app. you can down load it for your android or iphone or ipad. greatinformation here. take a look in baltimore right now and current condition, 34 degrees, dew point of 25, areas relatively dry. first, let'stalk temperatures, just above freezing by two degrees in brjs haguers town. that's going to be --
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hagerstown. we're goingbegin to get showers in here primarily in northwestern maryland. the focus will shift to northeastern maryland extending to new york and boston as we go into tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. so twodifferent waves of concern here. the first weaker wave for us will be rain mixed with sleet and maybe wet flakes, especially north and west of baltimore. that's where we think we'll see wintry showers. . >> things will change again, watch the timing. this is 8:00 tomorrow morning, rain over the eastern shore, some of that mixing along the chesapeake. aswith we go from tomorrow morning into tomorrow afternoon, that storm ramping up, moving north and east of us, but the snow beginning to wrap around the backside of the system and we think the more
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significant accumulations will cut off in the northeastern corner of the state. this will occur primarily tomorrow after 6:00 into 6:00 a.m. saturday morning. the key snow window is going to be from about 6:00 tomorrow night until 6:00 saturday morning. this is going to clear out quickly on saturday and leave us with windy cold weather with. two different systems set to merge and ramp up as they move off the maryland coast. sohere's the set up as we look from friday into saturday, business ardz conditions for boston, new england, philadelphia, even there could receive significant snows, over a half a foot, maybe up to a foot. then we have that cut off with rain mixed with snow across maryland and for the northeastern corner of the state, while we'll see nowhere
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near these snow totals, we will not see totals approaching that, but on the high side, a one to two inch band could reach baltimore tomorrow night into saturday morning and we could see three to four inches up in cecil county. it's possible. still hard to see where that cut off is going to be. 34 tonight,wintry showers tomorrow. we'regoing to convert back to snow tomorrow night. that's going be the key time frame with snow accumulating in northern and northeastern maryland. then weclear out over the course of the weekend. as we look beyond saturday into sunday, we're back in the mid- 40s. a few wintry showers greeting us in the morning, could make things a little dicy and the more significant time frame will be tomorrow evening into
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the morning we just got a word from the massachusetts governor that he is urging everybody to be off the roads by noon tomorrow. >> when you see two feet of snow coming, it makes sense. >> since you're inside tonight, stick around after abc2 news at 11:00 and see jacoby jones on jimmy kimmel live. he's goingto put on a performance and see him talking about it right after our show here on abc2 news. tomorrow on good morning maryland, oscar will be here. the oscar road trip is making a stop in baltimore. you can get a chance to see a real oscar statue that will a- make its way to the big show sunday. morecoming up but first here 's lauren cook with with
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construction details if you're in baltimore county tomorrow bridge repairs will continue on 83, 1 northbound lane will be shut down on middletown road from 3:00 in the morning until three in the afternoon. and in harford at route 543 there will be construction. i'll be tracking the delays of your you commute tomorrow beginning at 4:30.
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. >> check out blake harper, a first grader at school.
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look atthshgs his classmates are going crazy after he hit a free throw. his bucket gave the entire school the day off after the superbowl. 7th and 8th graders both missed the shot from three point range but i bet you little blake harper is the most popular kid in school. >> he's definitely a hero. >> hey, quick check of the radar pictures here action because this system's beginning to edge it's way into the state and you can see what happens here as we go through the day tomorrow, it starts as a mix toward daybreak tomorrow, and then we're back to rain midday and then back to a mix with wind, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon and then things going downhill after that. baltimore north, i think is where we'll see light accumulations, into saturday
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morning. we do clear out as we work through the weekend. we'llbe back.
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this is dylan right here, this is dylan, and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors. and he just went through his second round of chemo. and this is their mother, dawn, who runs this loving and happy home. she too struggled with tumors. but that doesn't slow her down. her love of family comes first. their dad, phil, works two jobs, repairing copiers, and on weekends delivering newspapers. but the bills keep piling up, and the heating bill gets pushed off. when you learn about their difficulties, it just breaks your heart. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like the berios. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil.
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because no one should be left out in the cold!
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